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At MPM Spine Pain & Wellness our focus is on the evaluation and treatment of painful musculoskeletal and neurological conditions such as lower back pain, nerve pain, joint pain as well as other forms of somatic and neuropathic pain.  Our physician Michael Paul McLeod, M.D. was named a Top Pain Management Specialist by the International Association of Health Care Providers' Leading Physicians of the World organization.   Our physician is double board certified in both Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation as well as Pain Medicine.  Dr. McLeod provides patient care from the perspective of a Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Physician who is also fellowship trained and specializes in Interventional Pain Management. Spinal pain, Nerve pain, Joint pain, and other forms of pain are treated successfully via the use of minimally invasive procedures,  assistive/orthotic devices, passive modalities, complementary and alternative medicine methods, mind body therapies, as well as an overall holistic approach to patient care.  These conditions are successfully treated WITHOUT the use of invasive surgery.  Also when treatments of such conditions are supplemented with the use of medications as necessary and appropriate, our focus is on the use of NON-NARCOTIC medications.    

At MPM Spine Pain and Wellness, our mission is to facilitate wellness through the promotion of restorative sleep, activity, exercise, fitness, weight loss, dieting, nutrition, mental health, and relief of pain.  

Our goals are to improve patient function, enhance quality of life, and in doing so ensure patient satisfaction.  

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